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Strategic Recovery Process

McAfee & Taft utilizes best-in-class technology and a proven process that provides for the efficient and timely recovery of claims.

Phase I: Identifying a potential third-party accident claim

We believe the key to a successful recovery lies in the early detection of subrogatable cases. Our best-in-class technology filters and scrubs claims data based on a designated set of medical codes, including all ICD-10 diagnosis codes, looking as far out as the sixth field of every claim. After mining the data, all claims with a matched filter code that have met or exceed the client-specified dollar threshold automatically generate an inquiry to the member.

Phase II: Research and investigation

Upon identification of a possible subrogatable case, our system automatically generates, prints and prepares for mailing the member injury questionnaire. Our follow-up questionnaire is automatically generated if a set number of days has gone by without a response from the member. Members may respond by completing the questionnaire online or returning the completed questionnaire by fax or by mail by using an addressed stamped envelope provided for their convenience. In many cases, police accident reports are ordered and utilized to obtain valuable accident-related details and information.

Phase III: Case management

Putting the involved members, insurance carriers and attorneys on notice early in the process both increases the bottom-dollar recovery and decreases misunderstandings among your members.

Our case management platform offers a systematic approach to managing cases and member communications. Liens are generated within the system and then provided to the responsible third party. These liens are monitored and updated until a settlement is achieved. Personal contact is made with the attorneys and third party insurance carriers to gather information and provide updates on claim balances, as well as to ensure your subrogation rights are in place.

Phase IV: Negotiations and settlement process

Our subrogation team negotiates the entire settlement process, from handling reduction requests to dealing with problems that may arise from an adverse attorney or insurance carrier. If a problem should surface that needs legal attention during this phase, one of our expert attorneys is readily available to help solve any disputes.

Phase V: Recovery and reporting

At McAfee & Taft, we recognize the need for prompt recovery and accurate reporting. You will receive reports on a regular basis which may be used for internal underwriting, financial and operational purposes. Upon recovery, we provide a detailed report which allocates all recovered claims and fees to the appropriate parties.


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