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Comprehensive Services

Every year, significant amounts of money that are legally and rightfully due a company – funds that could have been directed to the bottom line – are lost through ineffective, inefficient or even inactive subrogation practices.

McAfee & Taft’s Subrogation Recovery Services is a skilled legal and claims recovery team dedicated to recovering healthcare medical claims paid primarily as a result of third-party liability. In cases where another person or entity (tortfeasor) is deemed to have been responsible for the injury that prompted the medical claim – usually the result of an auto accident, medical malpractice, product liability or other accident or act of negligence – we step in to enforce the rights of employers, third party administrators (TPAs), stop loss carriers, HMOs and self-insured plans who seek reimbursement of paid medical claims.

Full-service recovery offerings

  • Comprehensive legal review of plan language
  • Gathering of accident questionnaires and police reports
  • Electronic data mining, claims tracking and review
  • Legal research and claims advice
  • Stop loss negotiations
  • Overpayment solutions and recovery strategies
  • Expert legal advice

Recovery Opportunities

  • Auto no fault
  • Automobile insurance
  • General liability
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Medical malpractice
  • Negligent party
  • Product liability
  • Workers’ compensation

There are many laws, both state and federal, that affect a plan’s right to recover. Two legal doctrines in particular pose a serious threat to a plan’s ability to recover 100% - the “common fund” and “make whole” doctrines. The right health plan language is critical to countering these threats.  That’s why, as part of our service to our clients, McAfee & Taft ERISA attorneys will conduct a comprehensive review of plan language and make recommendations, where necessary, to strengthen the plan’s right to recovery.

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